Featured photo credit goes to Bloomer Household (

The worst June storm in 20 years saw Alice Springs receive 63 millimetres of rain in two afternoon storms on Friday 17th of June. Hail pelted, rain fell, wind blew: Businesses flooded, ice floated, fog rose, and then there was this beautiful curve of colour: a full rainbow to bring a bit of colour to the desert storm.

The photo below is of me with some work colleagues after our evacuation: again – not my photo ( Double curve in this pic!
Of all the days of the year, I did not have my phone or my camera with me … so I had to rely on the photos of others. One benefit is that I have a photo of me! That’s me on the left 🙂 Double curve in this pic!
Our driveway was ‘a river’, the power outage meant the electric gates couldn’t let cars out, trees were broken, the road was a ‘a raging river’ and more was to come.
Thankfully our house was safe. No damage except a broken shade cloth cable…

clc during the stom

Photo Challenge – Curve


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